Booster 7

Booster 7 is the second of our two quick attack booster trucks. It is a brand new piece to our fleet, kinda. This rig use to be our old Rescue 6, which was donated to our department in 2003 from the Texas Forestry Service. After a 10 year agreement was met the rig was signed over to the department and was dismantled and turned into Booster 7 with another $18,000 grant from the Texas Forestry Service for a brand new custom rear skid unit. This booster truck is a 2003 Ford F-550 4x4 Single cab, seating 2 personnel. It is equipped with a 400 gallon water tank with 10 gallon foam tank attached, 250 GPM stage 1 pump with foaming capabilities, chainsaw, and hand tools. This is usually our third out for all grass/wildland fires. This unit has been very useful thus far and looks to be even more useful in the future for our department.