Here at Southwest Bell, we have a very diverse group of Volunteers that make up this great station. Coming from all walks of life. We have a very large population of active and retired military personnel, due to Fort Hoof being nextdoor. We also have many Certified Paid Professional Firefighters and EMS personnel, and you cant rule out your down to earth good ole country boys too. Even with everyone coming from all across this great nation and even world, we here at Southwest Bell VFD are one BIG FAMILY! We strive to provide the great communities of Ding Dong, Maxdale, Youngsport, South Killen, and the Southwestern portion of Bell County with the best Fire Protection/EMS services that we can offer. All of our members put in countless hours of work and effort into making this happen. From Thursday night trainings and Saturday morning Maintenance, to 3am calls on a work night. These volunteers are dedicated to not only this department but to this great community. Could not ask for a better group of guys to do what they do. Take a look below and learn some more about these great individuals.